CSR Kalimba Design Services

We are the world experts in CSR Kalimba DSP software development. David Hargreaves invented the Kalimba DSP processor, grew and led the CSR R&D DSP Software group, and has built up over the last 12 years in-depth knowledge of CSR’s Bluetooth chips.

IC Innovate offers the following services for CSR customers and partners:
  • Custom Kalimba DSP software development.  Ranging from blank-sheet-of-paper algorithm design (e.g. in Matlab) to porting of existing fixed or floating point source.
  • Debugging of complex system problems (covering hardware, firmware, VM, & Kalimba).
  • Optimisation of existing solutions to save MIPS, memory, and increase battery life.
  • New product development advice and brainstorming.
  • Expert Kalimba DSP training tailored to your needs.

See our CSR Kalimba Flyer for more info.

IC Innovate
 has a very efficient development cycle, and importantly a well proven track record.  Being a small company we’re easy to work with, flexible, and cost effective.

Please email me to discuss your project (info@icinnovate.com).

I look forward to working with you.

David Hargreaves

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